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Snoody is an affordable online accessory boutique. Our handbags are an approved vegan leather - trendy and stylish for all your needs. Some items have limited stock as we are always updating for the trendsetters. Keep your personal style, but give it an easy update. 

Be snoody ~ Be confident 

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  • Luxury At An Affordable Cost

    Snoody is for the everyday person who desire luxury fashion, but at an affordable cost! You do not have to break the bank to be fashionable!

  • Lady In Red

    Red is such a bold statement piece! Many people may be afraid to rock red, because it's such a bold color, but hey we are not here to blend in! Make a Snoody statement!

  • Chic & Fashionable

    Fedora are my favorite fashion statements during the winter. I love that it gives my outfit an extra flare even when I'm dressed down.